Jr. High Boys

Basketball - Junior High Boys Schedule

11/15/2018Tuloso Midway*AwayW 66-336:15 PMW 49-485:00 PM
11/28/2018Alice*HomeW 67-276:15 PM6:15 PM5:00 PM
12/10/2018CalallenAwayW 59-17W 36-246:15 PM5:00 PM
12/14-15/2018FB Tournament (A Teams)HomeTBA----TBA----
12/17/2018Gregory Portland*Home5:00 PM6:15 PM6:15 PM5:00 PM
1/10/2019Tuloso Midway*Home5:00 PM6:15 PM6:15 PM5:00 PM
1/12/2019Kaffie Tournament (B Teams)Away----TBA----TBA
1/14/2019Alice*Away5:00 PM6:15 PM6:15 PM5:00 PM
1/18-1/19FB Tournament (B Teams)Home----TBA----TBA
1/25-26/2019CCISD Team TournamentAwayTBATBATBATBA
2/4/2019Gregory Portland*Away5:00 PM6:15 PM6:15 PM5:00 PM
A games @ JH Gym
B games @ JH Gym

Football - 7th Grade Schedule

DateOpponentLocationTeamsTimeA ResultB ResultC Result
9/11/2018CalallenCalallenC-B-A4:30/5:30/7:00W 28-24L 0-54L 0-24
9/18/2018TMFBC-B-A4:30/5:30/7:00W 20-16L 22-24L 6-8
9/25/2018G-PG-PB-A4:30/5:30/7:00L 6-20L 8-16L 6-16
10/2/2018AliceFBC-B-A4:30/5:30/7:00L 6-22L 0-22W 16-12
10/9/2018Calallen*FBC-B-A4:30/5:30/7:00L 0-16L 12-24W 20-0
10/16/2018TM*TMC-B-A4:30/ 5:30/7:00W 20-0TBATBA
10/30/2018GPFBC-B-A4:30/ 5:30/7:00

Football - 8th Grade Schedule

DateOpponentLocationTeamsTimeA ResultB ResultC Result
9/11/2018CalallenFBC-B-A4:30/5:30/7:00L 12-44L 0-40L 0-32
9/18/2018TMTMC-B-A4:30/5:30/7:00L 0-20L 6-22L 14-16
9/25/2018G-PFBC-B-A4:30/5:30/ 7:00L 18-20L 0-28L 12-28
10/2/2018AliceAliceC-B-A4:30/5:30/7:00L 8-22L 0-36L 6-22
10/9/2018Calallen*CalC-B-A4:30/5:30/ 7:00L 20-22L 0-24L 0-38
10/16/2018TM*FBC-B-A4:30/5:30/ 7:00L 6-12TBATBA
10/23/2018GrantFBB-A5:30/ 7:00
10/30/2018G-P*GPC-B-A4:30/5:30/ 7:00
11/6/2018Alice*FBC-B-A4:30/5:30/ 7:00

Cross Country - Junior High Fall Schedule

9/6/2018FB Junior High CC InvFBISD Campus
9/15/2018TAMUK CC InvRamey Golf Course
9/15/2018Carrol CC InvWest Guth Park
9/20/2018King Sub-Varsity CC InvCullen MS
9/20/2018Islander Splash JH CC InvDugan Field (TAMUCC)
9/27/2018Carroll Sub-Varsity CC InvWest Guth Park
9/29/2018Calallen CC InvCalallen HS
10/5/2018Miller CC InvWest Guth Park
10/12/2018District MeetWest Guth Park
Meets with same dates will be confirmed 5 days prior to that date.
Fall 2018
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