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Fan Conduct at School Events

Here are some rules to consider when attending all Flour Bluff games and UIL events:

  1. Any controlled substance (alcohol, drugs, etc.) at the game or near the site (ex: tailgating) is not allowed at any time.
  2. A ticket is not a licence to verbally assault other spectators, referees, players, and coaches, nor a”right” to do so, it is a privilege to observe the game and can be taken away at any time.
  3. A game official can ask for an unruly fan or fans to be removed from the site of the game or event and any time, and the removed fan(s) can be banned from the site by the school.
  4. Profanity will not be tolerated at any Flour Bluff related game or event.
  5. Respect referees, umpires, and any other officials.
  6. By attending any school’s facility, you are a guest of that schools and should behave accordingly
  7. Since the school district is responsible for the spectators’ behavior, and the school district can and will be punished by UIL.
  8. By attending any Flour Bluff game or event you agree to these rules.

For More Information – UIL Parent Handbook

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