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Junior High Football and Volleyball Info

Its Volleyball and Football Time at the Junior High.  Check out below for tryout and practice information

Junior High Volleyball Tryouts Flyer

Junior High Hornet Football Practice Schedule First 3 Weeks

FB Junior High Volleyball Schedule 2019-2020

DATEOPPONENTTIME7th A Team7th B Team8th A Team 8th B TeamTEAMSSITE
9-5-19*Alice5/6:15L 1-2L 1-2W 2-0W 2-0A and BAWAY
9-9-19*Calallen5/6:15L 0-2W 2-1L 0-2L 0-2A and BAWAY
9-16-19*Tuloso-Midway5/6:15L 0-2L 0-2L 0-2L 0-2A and BHome
9/19 - 21/19Flour Bluff Tournament (A Only)TBA7th Place----7th Place----AHome
9-23-19*Gregory-Portland5/6:15W 2-0W 2-1L 1-2W 2-0A and BHome
9-28-19Calallen Tournament (A Only)TBAConsolation----2nd Place----AAWAY
9-30-19KaffieTBAW 2-1W 2-0L 2-0L 2-1A and BHome
10-5-19Gregory-Portland Tourney (B Only)TBA----4th Place----3rd PlaceBAWAY
10-7-19*Calallen5/6:15L 0-2L 0-2W 2-0L 1-2A and BHome
10-14-19*Tuloso-Midway5/6:15L 0-2L 0-2L 0-2W 2-1A and BAWAY
10-21-19*Gregory-Portland5/6:15L 0-2L 1-2L 0-2W 2-1A and BAWAY
10-28-19*Alice5/6:15W 2-0W 2-0W 2-0W 2-0A and BHome

FB Junior High 7th Grade Football Schedule 2019-2020.

9/10/2019CalallenAway7:00 PMW 12-85:30 PMW 48-124:30 PML 0-32
9/17/2019TMHome7:00 PMW 6-05:30 PMT 0-04:30 PML 6-16
9/24/2019GPAway7:00 PMW 38-65:30 PMW 30-04:30 PM----
10/1/2019AliceHome7:00 PMW 24-05:30 PMW 20-04:30 PMW 16-14
10/8/2019Calallen*Home7:00 PML 6-205:30 PML 6-164:30 PML 6-8
10/15/2019TM*Home7:00 PMW 20-65:30 PMW 8-04:30 PML 6-16
10/22/2019GrantHome7:00 PMW 56-05:30 PMW 36-04:30 PM----
10/29/2019GP*Away7:00 PMW 43-05:30 PMW 36-04:30 PML 14-16
11/5/2019Alice*Home7:00 PMT 14-14 5:30 PMW 30-04:30 PMW 20-6

FB Junior High 8th Grade Football Schedule 2019-2020

9/10/2019CalallenHome7:00 PMW 14-65:30 PML 6-164:30 PMW 16-8
9/17/2019TMAway7:00 PML 6-205:30 PMW 14-124:30 PMW 20-0
9/24/2019GPHome7:00 PML 6-165:30 PML 16-204:30 PML 14-20
10/1/2019AliceAway7:00 PML 6-225:30 PMW 14-64:30 PMT 0-0
10/8/2019Calallen*Home7:00 PMW 22-145:30 PML 0-304:30 PML 0-28
10/15/2019TM*Away7:00 PMW 18-65:30 PMW 6-04:30 PMW 8-0
10/22/2019GrantAway7:00 PMT 14-145:30 PMW 22-64:30 PM----
10/29/2019GP*Home7:00 PMW 26-65:30 PMW 20-124:30 PM----
11/5/2019Alice*Away 7:00 PMW 22-205:30 PMW 14-64:30 PMW 14-6


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