Tennis Set for Regional Tournament

Class, pride, and heart were on display at the Flour Bluff Tennis Courts during the 29-5A District Tournament.  Coach Steve Bonds and the Hornet Tennis Team laid claim to the Girls District Team title.

Madisyn Barganski won the District Girls Singles Title, while the team of Hunter Lazenby and Kara Owens won the Mixed Doubles Title.   In total, eight Hornet Tennis players have qualified for the Regional Tournament, which will be held in San Antonio at Northeast ISD April 27-28.

Regional QualifierEvent
Madisyn Barganski*Girls Singles*
Brenna GordonGirls Singles
Ella BlentlingerGirls Doubles
Alex KlashGirls Doubles
Hunter Lazenby*Mixed Doubles*
Kara Owens*Mixed Doubles*
Xavier CristanMixed Doubles
Lauren HillMixed Doubles
*District Champion


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