Hornet of the Week: Lauren Fuller

The Flour Bluff Athletics Hornet of the Week is Lauren Fuller.  Lauren is a Second Team All-District Volleyball player who helped lead the Lady Hornets to the Regional Semifinals in 2020.  She is also an outfielder on the Flour Bluff Softball team, and a hurdler for the Track Team. Off the court, Lauren is a certified lifeguard.   Lauren is a true representation of the Hornet characteristics of Class, Pride, and Heart.

Lauren Fuller

What do you enjoy most about playing this sport?

I love to compete and play the game with my friends

Do you have any Pre-match rituals?

I listen to certain music,  and before we take the court I pray.

Do you have a favorite quote you live by?

“Always earned never given”

What is your favorite food?


What are your plans after graduation?

Attend college to play volleyball or softball


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