Hornet Spotlight: Cesily Graves

Have you ever wondered how the Hornet Football team prepares for their games and are always ready to take the field?  This week we experienced first hand how the football team readies itself for optimal game-time performance.  It all begins with an extraordinary Senior–Cesily Graves. 

Cesily is a leader of the Hornet Football Operations Team.  Her excellent preparation and leadership skills make her an example for others on the Operations Team to strive for.  Her interest in operations management began at the end of her Freshman year when Coach Sivils mentioned that there was an extracurricular activity that would be an opportunity to help the Hornet Football Team and become more knowledgeable in film composition. Cesily credits many things she learned about operations from Hornet Alumni Grace Hall, especially equipment handling and filming. Cesily has become particularly adept at filming practices and games, and one of primary goals is to be a mentor for the younger Operations Team’s students.

The trying times of the last several years have only served to strengthen Cesily’s characteristics of Class, Pride, and Heart.  Her skill set in Operations management provides a great deal of foundational preparation that help make the Hornet Football Team successful.

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