A Friendship That Goes Beyond The Diamond

Making the Varsity roster of any sport as a freshman is quite an accomplishment—making the roster along with your long-time childhood friend is even more exciting.  This year that all became a reality as freshmen, Jayden Paulseo and Robert Moreno both made the Varsity Hornet Baseball team.  Paulseo and Moreno have been friends for over ten years and are now both proudly representing the Hornet Baseball on Tuesdays and Friday nights.

“I was very excited at first, but I knew I had to work hard to carry on to the season and progress,” said Robert Moreno.

Moreno is a pitcher for the Hornets and has pitched in big-time games, including the Gregory – Portland matchup at Whataburger Field on March 14th where the Hornets won 3-1 over the Wildcats.

“It was very exciting, to get to play with the older people and be on the best team here, and I get to compete with the older kids,” said shortstop Jayden Paulseo.  Paulseo was also the backup quarterback for the Regional Champion Hornet Football team in 2021.

As this season progresses, these two Hornets are making the most of their freshman year under the big game lights. “It means a lot.  Not many freshmen get the opportunity to be on Varsity.  I’m glad that my coaches saw something in me and trusted me to do the right things on the field and off the field,” said Moreno.

“RJ and I have been playing for years and years, and I was happy that he and I got to have this experience together,” said Paulseo.  “It’s exciting to start our friendship at four years old and be playing with each other for four years now.  It is exciting to keep on going through high school,” Moreno explained.  These two young men are family on and off the diamond and are both looking forward to the next three years playing Hornet Baseball together.

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