Jr. High Girls


Junior High Girls' Basketball Schedule 2019 - 2020

Date:Opponent:Time:7th A7th B8th A8th BTeams:Site:
11/15 - 16/19Alice TournamentTBA2nd Place----1st Place----AAWAY
11-18-19*Alice5/6:15L 11-18 W 20-16W 33-14W 26-4A and BAWAY
12-2-19*Calallen5/6:15L 18-25L 18-19W 33-12L 11-20A and BAWAY
12/6 - 7/18FB TourneyTBA----2nd----3rdBHOME
12-9-19*Tuloso Midway5/6:15L 19-27W 9-6W 34-28W 31-14A and BHOME
12-16-19*Gregory Portland5/6:15W 29-16W 10-6W 45-25W 19-11A and BHOME
1/10 - 11/20CCISD TourneyTBAVS W Baker 27-8
VS W Bishop Gariga 22-10
Vs. L St. James 23-40
----VS. W Baker 36-12
VS. Bishop Gariga 43-24
VS Kaffie W 53_35
1-13-20*Calallen5/6:15W 16-15W 14-6W 37-17L 17-35A and BHOME
1-20-20*Tuloso Midway5/6:15L 21-22W 12-10W 39-12W 37-9A and BAWAY
1-27-20*Alice5/6:15L 31-32W 26-4W 40-7W 27-4A and BHOME
2-3-20*Gregory Portland5/6:15W 26-21W 17-8W 48-16W 26-10A and BAWAY
7A and 8B @5:00
8A and 7B @6:15
A games @ FBJH New Gym
B games @ FBJH Old Gym

FB Junior High Volleyball Schedule 2019-2020

DATEOPPONENTTIME7th A Team7th B Team8th A Team 8th B TeamTEAMSSITE
9-5-19*Alice5/6:15L 1-2L 1-2W 2-0W 2-0A and BAWAY
9-9-19*Calallen5/6:15L 0-2W 2-1L 0-2L 0-2A and BAWAY
9-16-19*Tuloso-Midway5/6:15L 0-2L 0-2L 0-2L 0-2A and BHome
9/19 - 21/19Flour Bluff Tournament (A Only)TBA7th Place----7th Place----AHome
9-23-19*Gregory-Portland5/6:15W 2-0W 2-1L 1-2W 2-0A and BHome
9-28-19Calallen Tournament (A Only)TBAConsolation----2nd Place----AAWAY
9-30-19KaffieTBAW 2-1W 2-0L 2-0L 2-1A and BHome
10-5-19Gregory-Portland Tourney (B Only)TBA----4th Place----3rd PlaceBAWAY
10-7-19*Calallen5/6:15L 0-2L 0-2W 2-0L 1-2A and BHome
10-14-19*Tuloso-Midway5/6:15L 0-2L 0-2L 0-2W 2-1A and BAWAY
10-21-19*Gregory-Portland5/6:15L 0-2L 1-2L 0-2W 2-1A and BAWAY
10-28-19*Alice5/6:15W 2-0W 2-0W 2-0W 2-0A and BHome

Flour Bluff Junior High Cross Country Schedule 2019-2020

9-5-19Flour Bluff InventionalFlour Bluff JH5:00 PMResults
9-14-19Port Aransas CC InvintationalPort Aransas beach7:00 AMResults
9-19-19King CC InvintationalCullen MS5:00 PM
9-19-19Islander Splash (TAMUCC)Dugan Feild5:00 PM
9-26-19Carroll Sub-Varsity invitationalWest Gulth Park5:00 PM
9-28-19Calallen InvitationalCalallen HS8:00 AM
10-5-19CC Miller InvitationalWest Gulth Park8:00 AM
10-10-19District MeetWest Gulth Park5:00 PMResults


DateTeamLocation7th Result8th Result
9/26/19Gregory-PortlandFlour Bluff HSW 14-12L 10-11
10/3/19Tuloso-MidwayTuloso-Midway JHW 16-6L 9-12
10/10/19CalallenCalallen JHW 14-11W 13-11
10/17/19KingsvilleKingsvilleW 8-0W 11-0
11/2/19Tuloso-Midway TournamentTuloso-Midway HS & JH2nd Place4th Place
11/9/19Gregory-Portland TournamentTBA3rd Place2nd Place

Flour Bluff Junior High Track Schedule 2020

Date:Meet Site:Time:Result:
2-27-20Home4:30 PM
3-5-20Home4:30 PM
3-19-20TM4:30 PM
3-26-20GP4:30 PM
4-3-20Alice4:30 PM
4-4-20Alice4:30 PM
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