Flour Bluff Varsity Baseball Schedule 2019-2020

2/8/20CarrollHome1:30 PM
2/10/20RayHome6:00 PM
2/15/20KingHome1:30 PM
2/17/20Miller/BanqueteHome5:30 PM
2/21/20Victoria West
Away7:00 PM
2/24/20Laredo United SouthHome 6:00 PML 0-10
2/27-29McAllen TourneyMcAllenTBA
La Joya PalmviewL 0-6
San Antonio HolmesW 11-0
McAllen RoweW 6-4
HarlingenT 6-6
3/3/20Orange GroveHome7:30 PMW 11-1
3/5-7Calallen TourneyAwayTBA
3/10/20IWAAway2:30 PM
3/12-14Victoria TourneyAwayTBA
3/17/20MartinHome5:30 PM
3/20/20Tuloso-MidwayAway7:00 PM
3/24/20IWAHome7:30 PM
3/27/20CigarroaAway6:00 PM
3/30/20CalallenHome7:00 PM
4/3/20GPHome7:00 PM
4/4/20AliceAway1:00 PM
4/9/20MartinAway5:00 PM
4/14/20Tuloso-MidwayHome7:00 PM
4/21/20CigarroaHome6:00 PM
4/24/20CalallenAway7:00 PM
4/28/20GPAway7:00 PM
5/1/20AliceHome7:00 PM

Flour Bluff JV Baseball Schedule 2019-2020

2/8/20CarrollAway12:00 PM
2/11/20RayAway7:00 PM
2/15/20KingHome11:30 AM
2/17/20MillerAway5:30 PM
2/21/20Victoria WestAway5:00 PM
2/25/20AliceAway7:00 PML 3-1
2/27/20Calallen TournamnentAwayFirst Place
Victoria West10:00 AMW 11-4
Calallen12:00 PMW 5-3
Victoria East10:00 AMW 6-4
Caroll3:00 PMW 15-0
Tuloso Midway10:00 AMW 17-14
3/3/20Orange GroveHome5:00 PMW 13-1
3/5/20Sinton TourneyAwayTBA
3/5Miller8:30 AM
3/6Alice3:15 PM
3/6Sinton7:45 PM
3/10/20IWAAway12:00 PM
3/12-3/14Ray TourneyAwayTBA
3/17/20MoodyAway7:00 PM
3/20/20Tuloso-MidwayHome7:30 PM
3/24/20IWAHome5:00 PM
3/27/20RayAway7:00 PM
3/30/20CalallenAway7:30 PM
4/3/20GPAway7:30 PM
4/4/20AliceHome1:00 PM
4/9/20CarrollHome7:30 PM
4/14/20Tuloso-MidwayAway7:30 PM
4/17/20CalallenHome7:00 PM
4/18/20RayHome1:00 PM
4/21/20AliceAway7:30 PM
4/24/20CalallenHome7:30 PM
4/28/20GPHome7:30 PM

Flour Bluff Freshman Baseball Schedule 2019-2020

2/8/20CarrollHome11:00 AM
2/11/20RayAway5:00 PM
2/15/20KingHome10:00 AM
2/17/20Port AransasAway5:00 PM
2/21/20Victoria WestAway5:00 PM
2/24/20AliceAway5:00 PM
2/27/20Port Aransas TourneyAwayTBA1st Place
Aransas PassW 10-0
John Paul IIW 11-1
Falls CityChampionshipW 9-4
3/5/20Victoria TourneyAwayTBA
3/12/20Calallen TourneyAwayTBA
3/17/20MoodyAway5:00 PM
3/20/20Tuloso-MidwayHome7:30 PM
3/24/20CalallenAway5:00; 7:00 PM
3/27/20RayAway5:00 PM
3/30/20CalallenAway5:30 PM
4/3/20GPAway5:30 PM
4/4/20AliceHome11:00 AM
4/9/20CarrollHome5:30 PM
4/14/20Tuloso-MidwayAway5:30 PM
4/17/20CalallenHome5:00 PM
4/18/20RayHome11:00 AM
4/21/20AliceAway5:30 PM
4/24/20CalallenTBA5:30 PM
4/28/20GPHome5:30 PM
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Official Message from Flour Bluff ISD

Flour Bluff ISD Campuses remain closed for the duration of the school year. At Home Learning will continue through the 2019-2020 last day of instruction, Thursday, May 28

UIL has canceled all spring sports for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season.

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Please stay connected with us on our social media pages and our website,, for updates.